By day The Lord delivers His love, at night His song is with me” - Psalm 42:8

— Bible


Born in 1955, I began my educational journey in Tulsa, attending kindergarten there before continuing my schooling in Sand Springs. At the age of 12, I experienced a spiritual transformation and was "born again." However, my path took a different turn as I strayed from my faith and delved into drug use during my high school years. I experimented with substances like Pot, LSD, Mesculine, and MDMA. 

After a period of abstaining from drugs, my life took a musical turn when I secured a role playing guitar and fiddle on the road in 1980. This marked the rekindling of my marijuana use. Following my time on the road, I took charge of forming my own musical groups. It was during this phase that I fell into the grip of addiction, particularly to Methamphetamine, which would haunt me for decades. 

Navigating through life's challenges, including a divorce, a new chapter began when I met my current wife, Donna. A turning point came when I found deliverance from the clutches of the destructive drug through divine intervention. I disturbingly took a turn toward alcohol, which in my opinion is the WORSE chemical of all, (at least for me) , but I lived through that, and with renewed purpose, Donna and I embarked on a musical journey, recording two CDs. Notably, the most recent release features a collection of uplifting Christian music. 

As I continue to evolve creatively, I remain dedicated to writing and sharing my music, with a steadfast commitment to spreading positivity and inspiration. You can find my work on