Greg Perryman - Vocals, Gary Whitley - Guitars/ Bass, Greg Raw - Drums


1st verse
People always lookin’ watchin’ me & you
They think they know us, but they don’t know the truth
No one sees what’s really going on
Everyone sees we’re married, and even though that’s true

What they see is only, what you want them to
When we’re alone the distance is too far
We’re going through the paces, but I’m not sure what for
The man that you married, don’t live here anymore

Your friends think we’re happy, but that was a long time ago
We Keep playing this game, and I keep asking why
But I don’t know

2nd verse (same chords)
Truth can not be known, by watching from afar
Only those who witness, what lays behind our scars
Face to face the lies reveal our pain
Starved for love I found it, always somewhere else
Even though It was wrong, that’s it’s not how it felt
I felt like a dog left in the cold
3rd Verse
Now that it’s over, the stories we can tell
The life that we started, lives on today as well
Memories don’t always speak the truth

Why do people always, look at the past
Talk ‘bout the bad times ‘ reasons it didn’t last
Why do we forget, that there were good times too